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March 13, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Ginnifer Goodwin Wears nubar Pasadena Purple

 Wondering what that fabulous nail polish is that Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing in the hit movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Celebrity Makeup Artist Tina Roeselor  Kerwin chose the nubar line because the line is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP)Phthalate. The three ingredients that are contained in many nail polish lines and are linked to cancer and birth defects. (www.bynubar.com)

Pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly and get the scoop on what’s hot in beauty and fashion in Hollywood.


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Nubar Coral Collection for Spring 2009 – Nailphile News


Nubar Coral Collection for Spring 2009  

I have more Nubar fun in store for you today.  
Today we’ll take a look at Nubar’s second collection
for Spring 2009, the Coral Collection.  Let’s get right to the pictures!

Each is two coats (all were two coaters for me)
over a base under artifical light, and I’ll show them
to you in the order that I swatched them, which is
the order they’re in the box.


Red Sea Coral is a true coral,
and this one is the only shimmer in the collection.

Cayman Coral is a really hot coral creme

Finally, Cozumel Coral, which is another surprise: an orange coral jelly.  

Costa Rica Coral is a bit more subdued
than Cayman Coral, and is also a creme.


Belize Coral is a true coral, more intense
in color than Red Sea Coral, and is a creme.


 Amazon Coral is a vivid pink coral creme. 


 Caribbean Coral is the surprise in the bunch,
inspired by purple coral, and is also a creme.  


Palau Coral is a vivid orange coral creme.


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Fabulous After 40 Answers: Is Your Nail Polish Good For Your Nails?



It seems that not all nail polish is created equal!

We recently found a lovely polish by NUBAR, that is free of formaldehyde, Toluene and other  toxic chemicals.

It’s all part of their new vineyard collection, that was inspired by touring through Italy, with the rolling vineyards, and countless fields to wild flowers and appropriately named after their famous wines (Merlot, Corvina, Pinot and Muscato) Yes, we women over 40 look gorgeous in these rich colors! It’s like they took several different bottles of deep colored wines, and attached  a nail polish brush to them!

We think this healthy alternative to beautiful nails is long over due and moreover they wear well too!


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Nubar Announces The Winners Of The Nail Art Contest

 nubar “The Healthy Alternative For Beautiful Nails” announces the nubar winners of the Holiday Nail Art Contest. The winners were chosen by a
panel of industry professionals based upon technique, theme, design, photographic presentation and overall execution. nubar celebrates the talents of these creative Industry Nail Technicians
 and Nail Technicians everywhere. We thank all those that participated.


 Grand Prize:

 Name: Janet Riffe   
 Salon: X-Treme Nailz

 Our Grand Prize winner used a variety of design, use of materials
 and overall execution of technique from design to photography.

 Congratulations Janet!



 2nd Place Winner:

 Name: Marissa Shear
 Salon: Bellezza Hair & Body Café

 Our second place winner showed an ability to communicate the designs and instruct others.
 Marissa presented each design in a step by step process utilizing a combination of nubar stripers,
 as well as some additional materials such as rhinestones.  
 The step by step instructions are easy to follow.
 Designs can easily be executed from simple to complex and are applicable for any season or holiday. 
 This is truly a multi-talented individual.
 Congratulations Marissa!



3rd Place Winner:
Name Jessica Jaramillo
Salon: Intensive Hair/ Jessica’s Nails
Our third place winner used a variety of colors to create her holiday themes.
The themes range from summer/spring floral designs in pastels and brights
to winter seasoned themes of green, red and gold. 
Congratulations Jessica!


Honorable Mention: Name:Tae Hee Naggatz
School: The Academy of Nails in Phoenix Arizona

Quote: I used “Folk Art” acrylic paint for these designs.  The designs were all drawn free hand from memory.

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Todays Black Woman Features nubar Vineyard


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Verve Girl-Paint Your Valentines Day Nails Pink & Red


Be Mine Valentine-nubar  Hypnotic Valentines Day Collection featured in Verve Girl.


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