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Variety Paints Beautiful Designs with nubar Moodies Nail Polish

I got a little Distracted yesterday…but not to worry! I still have pictures to post for this week! I decided to play with my two Moodies from Nubar…see if they would work layered. And they do!

The first picture, above, is of my cold hands (normal) – a lavendar base with a gray stripe on the diagonal. The stars were a last minute afterthought, and honestly, I’ve peeled a lot of them off already because I couldn’t get the points stuck down into the top coat, and they were “sticking” me.

Below are my nails after running them under warm water – the moodies change to light pink with a white stripe – how fun!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the best part, when my hands are warm but the nail tips are cool. Then I have pink with the white stripe on the main part of my nail, and purple with the gray stripe on the tips. I think this effect would be great as longer stripes in darker colors…
I’ll be ordering from Nubar soon (need some nail art pens), so I’ll see about getting a couple more mood colors to experiment with.

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Talking Makeup Introduces nubar We Care About Cancer Collection

WE CARE COLLECTION 3-in-1 tote by nubar: Each year nubar “the healthy alternative for beautiful nails” comes out with a Cancer Awareness collection. This is for the October Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The nubar We Care Collection 3-in-1 tote 2008 is a collection of three nubar nail products that are soft, elegant and long lasting. The We Care Collection 3-in-1 tote contains one Oh Baby Pink nail polish, Foundation Base Coat and a Diamont Seal & Shine.

10% of the retail price of the We Care Collection will go towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and the City of Hope.

nubar offers products that are free of harmful ingredients such as; Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP (Phthalate). Your purchase is a commitment to help support education, outreach, research and all of our critical programs throughout the country. Sale Price: $ 14.99.

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nubar We Care Collection Hits The Beauty Counter


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girl-woman-beauty-brains-blog reviews nubar polish

Why do we love nubar nail polishes? Contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP)Phthalate, which has been linked to cancer and birth defects, and the colors are tres chic! Our diva-in-training, Madeline, sporting Hot Pink and Hot Orange, would never put anything carcinogenic on her nails.

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Nubar’s Vineyard Collection! The Nail Lacquer from LA that Mischa Barton Loves!

Nubar’s Vineyard collection says it all; with these nail lacquers favourites of Mischa Barton and Jessica Simpson they definitely have the positive thumbs up from these two celebs.

However, if darker hues aren’t your thing Nubar has released the ‘Liquid Metal Collection’ which we would recommend trying the metallic gold (Nubar’s Heavy Gold Glitter) with grey gunmetal silver and violet subtle shimmers (Nubar’s Impulsive Silver or Erratic Purple).

Inject some additional personality into you’re autumn/winter wardrobe by combining these nail colours with your stunning new accessories, which will give you an innate sense of style just worn peeping out from Christian Louboutin open toed pumps! I can recommend my absolute must-buy colours in Hot Pink and Pasandena Purple, which perfectly suit the TopStylista company brand colours!

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